PRIMEX offers a variety of accessories to complete any municipal or industrial water/wastewater control installation.  For floats, alarms and smaller control panels for municipal projects or other project applications, please contact PRIMEX Sales.





HRC Controller - A Foundation for Telemetry and Control

The HRC-1000 is a powerful, compact unit that provides control and connectivity in stand-alone applications or as a CTU or RTU in telemetry systems.  It is a available with several standard applications and has options for all types of telemetry, including cellular and can be easily linked to icontrol® web-based solutions.


HRC-1000 Data Sheet


Float Switches

Mechanical control switches accurately monitor high (normally open) or low (normally closed) liquid level conditions to activate control panels and alarms in water and wastewater applications. 

MUNI™ Float Data Sheet

MUNI™ Float Installation Instructions

MINI™ Low Current Float Data Sheet

Float Switch Specifications

Float Kit Installation Instructions

Level Sensor Kits Data Sheet

Transducer Kits Installation Instructions


Submersible Level Transducers

Transducers provide continuous level monitoring.  Submersible, Hydrostatic and Non-Contact models available.


PRIMEX Submersible Level Transmitter (PSLT)

Data Sheet

Installation Instructions


Levelrat™ and Levelgage™ Submersible Level Transducer

Submersible Level Transducers Data Sheet
Level Sensor Kits Data Sheet

Transducer Kits Installation Instructions

Anchor and Chain

Anchor and chain are used in installations using suspended float switches.  The yellow mushroom-style anchor weighs 10 pounds.  The stainless steel chain is 1/8 inch thick.

Pump Monitor Relay

The Pump Monitor Relay provides motor over temperature and seal leakage alarms for submersible pumps.

Pump Monitor Relay Data Sheet

Float Brackets

Float brackets provide a convenient installation of float switches with a location to stow excess cable.  Two sizes available: 4-float bracket holds 1-4 floats and 6-float bracket holds 1-6 floats.

4-20mA Simulator

This simulator generates a 4-20mA signal.

Simulator User Instructions

Junction Boxes

Junction boxes seal connections from moisture and other elements and provide a convenient location to connect all wiring for a typical pump station application.  NEMA 4X rated.  Three sizes available.